C10 wooden bed

I finally finished putting a wooden bed back in the C10. Since it was built as a race truck, much of the factory supports had been cut out. It took a number of weekends to weld the supports back in, fit the wood around the roll cage, stain it, etc.

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More C10

Keep pushing…

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Misc C10 stuff

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More body work

The passenger side door was a mess. Had to cut out all the old stuff and weld in new stuff.

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C10 body work

Going through and replacing all of the dented/rusted body panels on the ’64 Chevy with new ones. Gonna let the metal rust.

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tbucket roof

Time to refine the rooftop a bit. I still want to fabricate the rear section of the roof, so it’s not worth getting painted yet. However, I still want to be able to drive it around and have it look decent, so I used some 3M Gloss Black vinyl wrap. Looks fantastic!

Last time I drove it with the new windshield, wind was racing over the windshield and going between the windshield and roof and then shooting me in the head. I want to keep the roof removable, so I’ll fill the space with some expanding foam and then finish ontop of the foam.

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tbucket windshield

Those little glass windshields weren’t doing much of anything. I drove the tbucket on a windy day and got pelted in the face with little stinging bits of sand. So enough of that. Fabricated windshield brackets, made patterns, got the glass, sealer, etc. Muuuuuch better.

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Kratos impression?

Added a red stripe to the Z/28. Ripped the idea from from the Dodge Viper ACR’s, but it looks like God of War’s Kratos.

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My best Star Wars impression

I added a 2015 Z/28 to the collection and couldn’t help but think of Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper in this shot!


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tbucket bugs

You think everything is all good, and then you start driving it. That’s when you start to work out the bugs.

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