Lots of people said my GTR looked like the Batmobile. But I think this is a little closer.

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Final pics?

Haven’t had the GTR for that long. It’s been fun, but it mostly sits in storage these days. I dig it out when friends visit since it’s the only gasoline burning four seater we have. I loved the experience, but I don’t know. Maybe I get restless when it comes to cars, or maybe this one’s just not me. Washed it up and took a bunch of photos so I could put it up for sale and then I ran across something special.  :)

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’64 Chevy

Haven’t posted much about this truck, but I have finally started working on it so you should see more soon. Bought it off ebay a while back. It’s a full blown track day toy. Has Nascar wheels (and slicks for the track), spindles, brakes and rear axle. It’s a modern 6 liter chevy motor warmed over, 4-speed race transmission. Reportedly 500+ hp though I haven’t had it on a dyno. Full cage, five point harnesses, Kirkey race seats, autometer gauges.

Replaced the control arms, springs and sway bars with a set from Hotchkis. Just put in a new grill and headlights.

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Finally got my brakes in the mail. I opted for some Baer Brakes. 6 pot in the front. 4 in the rear. Overkill for an off-road crawler but at least I don’t have to worry about the quality or function. Bolted on nicely. Work good.

Also put some vents in the hood to help extract some of that hot air that was finding its way into the cabin.

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Rear Bumper

The Scout body is longer than the Jeep body which meant that I had to extend the mounting points on the rear bumper and chassis by 8 inches. The rear bumper was also too wide for the Scout body. Had to cut off about six inches from either side, cap it and paint it and trim for a mostly straight fit.

Went to mount the bumper and found that it overlapped the backup lights and the licence plate mount. Took them off, welded in the holes, smoothed it, repainted it, then drilled new holes for the backup lights and relocated the license plate to the swing away bumper.

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Extending the front bumper

The Jeep rock crawler front bumper is designed to be short but it looks good on Jeeps because Jeep bodies are skinny. The Scout body is wider, so I wanted to extend the front bumper to the edge of the Scout body. Bought a large sheet of 3/16″ plate. Made a pattern out of cardboard. Cut it out of metal with the plasma cutter, welded it, smoothed it and painted it to match. Came out nice!

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Drove it!

Drove the Scout on Sunday. Drove about 100 yards. The seat belt was chiming and while I do have seatbelts in the Scout, they are not Jeep seat belts, so I had to come back and disable the warning chime.

Went back out. Made it about 8 miles and my tire almost fell off. The lug nuts were lose. No idea how that slipped by.  :(  Jaime rescued me with a torque wrench.

Made it to the gas station and back, and smelled brakes. The right rear caliper is dragging once the brakes get hot. Apparently a common problem on Jeeps. So I ordered new calipers.

So the Scout still sits in the garage. Not a big deal. I’ve still got a lot to do! Brakes are supposed to come in next week.

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Final push!

Tom Wood’s custom driveshaft for the stretched wheel base finally installed! The Scout should be able to move under its own power.

Had to fab up a bearing packed spool holder for the 3D printer so I can finish the 3D printed taillight housings.

Currie antirock off-road sway bar set back five inches for the longer wheelbase.

ALMOST got to drive the Scout this weekend.

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It runs!

Started the Scout today for the first time since the Jeep Rubicon transplant. Tomorrow we’ll see if it’ll move under it’s own power. Cooling fan didn’t turn on but after a little research I think it’s because I don’t have the AC or climate control switches hooked up. Will try that.

Did some metal work on the grill. Turn signal holes filled and notched for the front bumper.

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Engine Compartment

It doesn’t look fancy, but both fenders are in and battery, fusebox, computer and ABS controller are all mounted and plugged up.

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