Drove it!

Drove the Scout on Sunday. Drove about 100 yards. The seat belt was chiming and while I do have seatbelts in the Scout, they are not Jeep seat belts, so I had to come back and disable the warning chime.

Went back out. Made it about 8 miles and my tire almost fell off. The lug nuts were lose. No idea how that slipped by.  :(  Jaime rescued me with a torque wrench.

Made it to the gas station and back, and smelled brakes. The right rear caliper is dragging once the brakes get hot. Apparently a common problem on Jeeps. So I ordered new calipers.

So the Scout still sits in the garage. Not a big deal. I’ve still got a lot to do! Brakes are supposed to come in next week.

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Final push!

Tom Wood’s custom driveshaft for the stretched wheel base finally installed! The Scout should be able to move under its own power.

Had to fab up a bearing packed spool holder for the 3D printer so I can finish the 3D printed taillight housings.

Currie antirock off-road sway bar set back five inches for the longer wheelbase.

ALMOST got to drive the Scout this weekend.

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It runs!

Started the Scout today for the first time since the Jeep Rubicon transplant. Tomorrow we’ll see if it’ll move under it’s own power. Cooling fan didn’t turn on but after a little research I think it’s because I don’t have the AC or climate control switches hooked up. Will try that.

Did some metal work on the grill. Turn signal holes filled and notched for the front bumper.

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Engine Compartment

It doesn’t look fancy, but both fenders are in and battery, fusebox, computer and ABS controller are all mounted and plugged up.

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Installed a Warn winch with synthetic rope (instead of stainless cable.) Pretty nifty. Did a bunch of other non-exciting misc stuff.

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Nothing but the hard stuff

Last weekend I struggled. Spent all day Saturday putting together an electronic e-brake actuator that turned out too weak to engage the brakes. Sunday I installed a Currie Antirock Swaybar, only to discover that because I stretched the wheelbase, the mounting location was no longer valid. So the weekend was spent on stuff that I had to take back off and will have to do again at some point.

This weekend I moved on to something else. I fabricated the passenger side inner fender and test fit the front clip back onto the Scout. Also changed the oil in the GTR.

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Scout – closing in

I think I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Obviously there’s still tons of work left to do, but the list is getting small enough that I can see the finish from here.

This weekend my long time friend Sean Keegan came over and helped me install the front bumper and hood struts. I also tackled the front body mounts and the transmission oil cooler.


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Scout – The Road is Long

Soooo much left to do and progress is slow when you need to custom fabricate every instance of Jeep parts touching Scout parts.

This weekend I started with the steering linkage. The Jeep had two linkages; one from the steering box to the firewall, and another from the firewall to the steering column. The Scout has less firewall to steering column distance. In fact, the Jeep steering column touches the firewall. So I only needed one steering shaft, but it needed to be longer. Cut the two Jeep linkages in half, slide a pipe of appropriate length over each and and weld em up. Easy cheesy.

Next I tackled the gear levers. There was plenty of clearance in the transmission tunnel and the factory gear levers are pretty tall, so I fabbed up some sheet metal that lowered their mount height. They are bolted in but don’t have any cables or wiring connected.

The last thing I did was install the Jeep gauges. I built the mounting brackets last weekend, so it was just a matter of drilling and tapping holes. I’ll be building a custom gauge surround after everything else is finished. I also need an undeployed airbag for the steering wheel.

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Scout – 3D Printing

How to you merge Jeep taillights with Scout taillights? The way I see it, you have two options. You can cut the Jeep lights off and splice the Jeep wires to the Scout taillights or you find a way to modify the Scout taillight housings to accept the Jeep light bulb assemblies. I chose the latter, but instead of modifying the Scout taillight housings, I designed new ones in SketchUp and printed them on my Replicator2 3D printer. This is the raw, yellow plastic print. You can see the Scout reverse light lense on one side of the new housing, and the Jeep light bulb in the other end. These will be smoothed and painted before being installed on the Scout. It’s really cool to be able to design your own parts and print them.

The brake light housing (third picture) used about $6 worth of material and took 8.5 hours to print.

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Separated the Scout body from its chassis. Rolled the Jeep chassis under, made some clearance cuts and fabricated new body mounts. The body is mounted to the chassis and fits great! Time to start hooking stuff up. Jeep gas tank hooked up to the Scout body.

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